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Insights of Web Feed Publishing and Tracking

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As many web masters do, we can host our web feeds (or RSS, a more familiar word to you) on a third-party provider. I’ll share the interesting insights that I got during my recent adventure on web feeds. In this post, I supposed that you know something about RSS or ATOM (two most popular formats of web feeds) and want to know more tricks on how they are working. Especially, I will explore the following questions:

  1. First of all, who produces the RSS documents and where are they?
  2. How are your RSS recoganized by browsers automatically?
  3. What does a third-party provider, like Feedburner, do for you exactly?
  4. If you use a non-popular blogging system, how do you configure your Feedburner feeds?
  5. The third-party providers often show statistics such as how many subscribers you have. How do they got such number? Is that number accurate?
  6. Your feeds links look wired. Can you explain them?

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Secure WordPress by SSL

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Using SSL protocol to protect your critical information, such as user name and password, is a good idea. If you may log to your blog via an unprotected wireless network or you make some directory (e.g. uploads/) writable by WordPres, you’d better use SSL (i.e. using https:// type URL) to encrypt the administration traffic.

If your WordPress blog is hosted by a web-hosting provider, the provider likely has SSL solution for you already. In this article, I would like to share my experience on SSL solution on a self-hosted machine, which use a Fedora system and Apache httpd server.

The best solution in WordPress is probably to use the  Admin SSL Plugin. However, it cannot set up everything for you. I will give a complete tutorial on how to make SSL work for you, including how to get a key and certificate, how to set up SSL module under Apache and how to fix a bug of the Admin SSL Plugin.

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Where to put .htaccess for permalink and the reason

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Permalink is definitelty a good idea. When I tried to setup the permalink in my WordPress blog, however, I was frustrated at the beginning. I always got 404 error, mod_rewrite seemed not working. Finally, I found that it is really simple. I was just confused by a statement in the WordPress Document that

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In some cases, you may want to change the old domain name or path of your blog to a new one. In such cases, you may have trouble to access your wordpress blog after such change. This article gives solution for that.

At first, Let me show you two cases that I have met (The following operations happened after I had installed my wordpress blog on my machine).

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This is a short tutorial for installing WordPress locally on a Fedora 9 machine (with SELinux enabled). It assumes that you are going to set up a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform. I will present the whole working flow here, with some special concerns on SELinux issues.
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