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Insights of Web Feed Publishing and Tracking

   Posted by: techiecat    in Tutorial

As many web masters do, we can host our web feeds (or RSS, a more familiar word to you) on a third-party provider. I’ll share the interesting insights that I got during my recent adventure on web feeds. In this post, I supposed that you know something about RSS or ATOM (two most popular formats of web feeds) and want to know more tricks on how they are working. Especially, I will explore the following questions:

  1. First of all, who produces the RSS documents and where are they?
  2. How are your RSS recoganized by browsers automatically?
  3. What does a third-party provider, like Feedburner, do for you exactly?
  4. If you use a non-popular blogging system, how do you configure your Feedburner feeds?
  5. The third-party providers often show statistics such as how many subscribers you have. How do they got such number? Is that number accurate?
  6. Your feeds links look wired. Can you explain them?

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A Review of Online RSS Readers

   Posted by: techiecat    in Review

I was a little frustrated today, for online RSS readers. I used to be a happy woman with Google Reader. However, I found that Google Reader is slow sometimes. After I posted new posts and used ping-o-matic to update them, they just NOT showed up in my Google Reader, even though I could see the new posts in my feed link. The Refresh button is jusr useless! OK, so I said “it is the time to try a new online RSS reader”. I want to have an online RSS reader with similar interface as Google Reader which can retrieve new posts quickly. My little research is as blow.

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