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When sued by a Pennsylvania couple after their home (on a private road clearly marked as private property) appeared on Google’s Street View pages, Google said that

Today’s satellite image technology means that even in today’s desert, complete privacy does not exist

Yes, I admit it’s true. But can we have SOME PRIVACY if we do not have all? At least, people will not see details of a house or a face from any public satellite image. While this is what Google is doing.

I actually use street view some time. It is not a bad or evil service from theory. But can Google do some extra efforts to respect our little privacy? Such as blur our faces on their images, or limit their street view cars in public places only.

You can read the full story here.

Nowadays, domian name is a cheap resource to make your web space cool. After you purchase a domain, most of the domain suppliers allow you to add sub-domains. Then, it is a good idea to provide sub-domains for your friends or your web sites with different styles. In Apache, you can serve multiple domains and sub-domains using one IP address. In this article, I would like to share my experience on setting up virtual host in Apache.

Scenario: We would like to set up name-based virtual hosting. We have two domains (, and more subdomains. We want to serve them with one IP address. Our DocumentRoot path is docrootpath (you must replace with your real path).

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Wimbledon Website’s New Feature Frustrated Me

   Posted by: techiecat

Wimbledon official web site has a nice face, but one of its new feature “My Wimbledon” frustrated me. It would be a very useful and sweet improvement, if it can function better. I love that I can add my favorite players and track they scores and news. But the problem is that the interface cannot track my actions and positions. For example, after I clicked a link in the News & Media column and went back, it will show “No information available” and automatically go to the Score column. Then, I have to click the News & Media column again and scroll down to the the last unread news. You may ask “why not open it in a new tab?” Well, it can’t because it is coded by flash and does not provide this interface.