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A Review of Online RSS Readers

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I was a little frustrated today, for online RSS readers. I used to be a happy woman with Google Reader. However, I found that Google Reader is slow sometimes. After I posted new posts and used ping-o-matic to update them, they just NOT showed up in my Google Reader, even though I could see the new posts in my feed link. The Refresh button is jusr useless! OK, so I said “it is the time to try a new online RSS reader”. I want to have an online RSS reader with similar interface as Google Reader which can retrieve new posts quickly. My little research is as blow.

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Free music! – Review of

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Isn’t it nice that you share your favorite songs with the friends who visit your web site? Isn’t it nicer that you can get the songs for free? There are quite a lot music sharing apps on the web, but makes this easy and free for you. They automatically collect the songs published on the web and pack them in a nice interface. All you have to do is to

  • register an account,
  • search for your favorite songs and add to a playlist,
  • then publish the playlist anywhere you like

You can start by listening to my playlist at the sidebar and trying to add songs to your playlist.

Note: the playlist widget does not work on a Fedora + Firefox platform (that’s why I remove it from my sidebar finally). I did not test other unix/linux platform. If you have such experience, you are welcome to leave a comment here.