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Solve the Pixelpost “Nothing to show” problem

   Posted by: techiecat

One of my friends has a pixelpost-based photoblog on Pixelpost is a simple, neat and pretty platform for photo blogging.

Today he called me saying that he got a “Coming Soon! Nothing to show. No image to show here!” message when he visited his photoblog. “Did you change anything?” He asked. I did some maintain on the server, but I did not touch httpd server and anything inside his blog directory. And I did see images just in the images/ directory. What’s wrong with that? Searching did not provide any useful information for me.

Finally I found that the problem is the system time of the server. When I maintained the server, somehow the system time was accidentally changed to an earlier day. He did not post anything yet at that time. So pixelpost got no images from the SQL query – since pixelpost actually queries images before the current system time (this is what I read from the PHP code) by default.

Solution: after I set the system time correctly, the problem is solved :)