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Dreamhost Deal Comes Back Again

   Posted by: techiecat

A sweet dreamhost deal comes back again! Please see the image.

The same deal came into my eyes when I looked for a web site hosting company around the new year. I had already done some research on web hosting and dreamhost was on the top of my list. So I just took the promotion without hesitation. It has been one month, and dreamhost does not disappoint me so far.

If you are looking for a web hosting service, why not give it a try? It will cost at most 10 bucks anyway.

Note: my web site is a small, personal web site without much traffic. So I do not have experience with dreamhost for large, professional web site hosting. And I am not paid for writhing this article.


A small test on cuil – not mature yet

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Cuil, lauching recently with the goal as a significant rival to Google,  is a hot word now. I have read news of it quite a lot times. Statcounter’s blog also claimed that cuil is one to watch. So I decided to do a small test on it. I searched two practical questions that I had recently. Let’s see how well cuil and Google did on my questions.

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