A small test on cuil – not mature yet

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Cuil, lauching recently with the goal as a significant rival to Google,  is a hot word now. I have read news of it quite a lot times. Statcounter’s blog also claimed that cuil is one to watch. So I decided to do a small test on it. I searched two practical questions that I had recently. Let’s see how well cuil and Google did on my questions.

My questions are:

  1. I want to run a daily job on Fedora. But after I put my script to /etc/cron.daily folder, the job did not run.
  2. I want to know if statcounter can monitor the traffic from my feed subscriber. Statcounter provides real-time traffic tracking and statistics. They do not have special feed subscriber tracking service.

My test results:

  1. I searched the problem 1 with keyword “fedora cron not work”.
    1. cuil found no results.
    2. Google’s first result was a thread on linux.derkeiler.com with topic “Fedora: Cron.daily not working“, which was quite relavent.
  2. I searched the problem 2 with keyword “statcounter track rss”.
    1. cuild produced some results, but none of them was relavent.
    2. Google’s first result was a thread on forum.statcounter.com with topic “Does StatCounter track RSS Feed access?“, which is quite relavent.

My conclusion: Google wins my test. Cuil needs to catch up.


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